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    Requirements and Preparations for Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 11 August, 2012 by admin

    There are various reasons that can come about which will require you to utilize a motorcycle shipping company. Your local dealer is a valuable resource and they can recommend several motorcycle transporters to you. When you contact these companies, they will each have a different set of requirements, however, almost all will require you to drain the gas and disconnect the battery. To prepare for this, you most likely have to purchase a gas tank and have the dealer or company drain it for you.

    Other companies may require you to provide a wooden moving palette. When shippers load your motorcycle to a transport, they often use forklifts which make a palette necessary. Palettes can be found in several locations including dealers, hardware stores, or even next to your local dumpsters. Other motorcycle movers will insist on using their own palettes for transporting your bike. Make sure you contact the motorcycle shipping company of your choice and get a complete list of their requirements.

    Finding the Best Way to Ship Your Motorcycle

    Published 11 August, 2012 by admin

    Moving your motorcycle from one destination to another does not have to be headache. You can find a motorcycle shipping company either locally from your dealer or online. Before you commit to a company, it’s best to consider if their services meet your needs. First, read reviews of the shipping provider by checking yelp or other online review sites. If they are generally positive, see if their pickup and delivery services actually work for your project. Some will only work with dealers and not individuals while others do not deliver overseas.

    Next get an estimate on how much it would cost to ship a motorcycle. If the price seem too high, it would be wise to call the company for a few reasons. You could try to negotiate the price of the motorcycle transport or see if they have any recommendations for other shipping companies. Another reason to phone is to get a feel for their quality of customer service. If something were to go amiss with your shipment, you’d want to know you made the right choice and they will work with you to provide the best solution and service.

    Motorcycle Transport: When You Need A Motorcycle Shipper

    Published 11 August, 2012 by admin

    Motorcycle Transport: Hurting Yourself To Move Your Bike

    When it comes to motorcycle transport you want to avoid lifting your bike yourself. If you’ve been in an accident or your bike has broken down trying to move your bike yourself is never a good idea. People under estimate the weight of a motorcycle and as a result start to try and lift it, something happens the handle bars go one way, the wheel spins and suddenly they lose control of the bike.

    Motorcycle Shipper: Mention It’s A Surprise

    If you want a motorcycle shipper to get your bike to a specific location at a specifi time because it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary or it’s Valentine’s Day you want to mention to the mover that the bike is 1) a surprise, 2) a gift and 3) therefore needs to remain a surprise and needs to arrive on time to the location that it’s being sent.

    Cheap Motorcycle Shipping: Making Sure Not To Go Too Low

    There’s affordable motorcycle shipping and then there’s dirt cheap motorcycle shipping. Syre you might want to brag to your friends what a great deal you got when you shipped your bike but you also want to be sitting on your bike when you do that and you want your bike to be in the same condition that you get it to the movers in. The last thing you want is to go with a company that is so cheap it is not a legitimate company.

    Safer Than Driving It Across Country

    If you are worried about shipping your bike across country keep something in mind it’s safer than you driving it across, especially if you aren’t an experienced biker. Most people ship to save time and money. Most people don’t have the time to drive their bike across country and therefore need a quality shipper to send it for them.


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