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    How to Ship a Motorcycle – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 13 September, 2012 by admin

    Motorcycles are one of the most wanted vehicles in the transport industry, 8 out of 10 people want one even though 9 out 10 are afraid of them and 6 out of 10 actually own one.  Most believe that riding a bike, especially a race bike is one of the most dangerous sports in the country and would rather hand out a gun than a bike. Although, many would agree motorcycles are very accident prone, many also secretly desire they could feel the adrenaline of riding one. Throughout the years this desire has built up so strong, that most of these desires have become realities and hundreds of people have joined clubs and have started cruising and speeding through the streets. Due to this increase in bike ownership, bikes are moved from all over the world to their eager buyers, giving motorcycle transport a very hectic agenda.

    How To Ship A Motorcycle

    How To Ship A Motorcycle

    Motorcycle transport is very similar to car transport; however it requires a lot more attention as bikes need more accommodations in order to avoid accidents and damages along the way. Here is a quick and simple step to step guide that can assist you with the proper transportation of your motorcycle.

    1. Provide full details. When you are shopping around to get a quote, make sure you provide as much details as possible regarding your bike, make, model, modifications, measurements, and most importantly the weight of your bike. Most carriers are limited to a certain amount of weight they can carry from trip to trip. Even though they might have space for 3 more bikes left, if their weight is at its limit, they will not risk taking it. To avoid misunderstandings and extra fees it is important you provide as much details as possible to the agent, especially the weight of the motorcycle.
    2. Choose the carrier. In the industry there are two possibilities, whether you ship your bike on an open carrier or an enclosed. Although most companies offer enclosed services to safeguard the bike from all environment factors, the final word is given by you. Enclosed carriers are more expensive, however 100% recommended. A bike does not have a hard chassis to protect its insides as a car; it will need as much protection as you can give it to avoid any damages along the way.
    3. Full tank? Ask your agent what are the policies regarding a full gas tank. Due to weight issues, most companies require the tank to be drained up to ¾ of a tank to save a couple pounds towards the full shipment. Don’t let them surprise you with extra fees later on, take care of these free small details when you can.
    4. Kodak moments. It is recommended you take snap shots of your bike as a thorough inspection; this will serve for insurance purposes later on in case of any damage or loss along the way. This is a very important step especially if it is a custom bike you are shipping and details are very important. Once bike is delivered it will be easier to rely on the pictures to make sure no damage has occurred.

    If you follow these steps and take care of every detail and don’t wait until last minute, your bike shipping should run as smooth as possible. Be prepared for unexpected inconveniences such as a flat tire or bad road conditions that may cause delays, as this is part of the industry. These things can be avoided to a point, however not controlled completely.


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    Motorcycle Transportation: Reputable Motorcycle Transporters

    Published 11 August, 2012 by admin

    When looking for motorcycle transportation you want to look for reputable motorcycle transporters that doesn’t just mean the company that is handling the shipment of your bike. You also want to make sure that their partner company has a good reputation. Most good motorcycle shipping companies make sure that their partner company, the person who drives the bikes for them from point a to point b is listed on their website. Their delivery success, their handling of the bikes, their getting the bike to you on time all of that is important when looking for a good motorcycle transportation company to take your bike from point a to point b.

    Have they handled large orders? Yes people do individual shipping but there are also companies that hire motorcycle transport companies to ship many bikes for a show or a movie or a TV show. The last thing you want when you work for one of these companies is to go with a company that hasn’t done that kind of volume before and hasn’t had success with that kind of volume of shipping.

    Picture it you are at the big motorcycle show in Las Vegas and they bikes that you have shipped haven’t arrived? It could be the difference between you losing your job and you coming out a stellar employee. Being able to track your shipment is important too. A good shipping company makes sure you are able to follow your shipment as it goes so that you know when your estimated delivery date is and if there are any circumstance that will make you getting your bike or bikes on time a factor. If you have a busy schedule and can’t sit home all day waiting it’s important that you know when your bike is expected to arrive so you can be there for it.

    Motorcycle Transportation: When You Need To Ship Motorcycle

    Published 11 August, 2012 by admin

    Motorcycle Transportation: How It Works

    If you’ve never enlisted in the help of motorcycle transportation then you probably have a lot of questions about how it works. A great way to learn more about motorcycle transportation is to do some research on Google about different companies. When you look at a companies’ webpage it can tell you a lot. This goes for whether you are looking for someone to move your bike or clean your teeth.

    The best thing that you can do is read up on the testimonials and user reviews of other people that have used that same company. Also, a lot of times people will tell you what their experience was when they had their motorcycle moved and they’ll tell you the things they wish they knew going in about moving their bike. It’s a great way to learn as much as humanly possible about bike moving and to foresee problems ahead of time.

    Ship Motorcycle: Benefits Of Not Driving

    There are definite benefits to ship motorcycle verses driving one. If you want to move your bike up to a summer cottage for the summer or you want to move it because you got a new job a great thing about hiring someone to move it for you is you don’t put the miles on the bike and the wear and tear on the motorcycle. Also, depending on the road conditions, even if you are moving it to a warm climate you may still have to go through a colder climate. So the last thing you want is to drive through bad road conditions like rain or snow.

    Shipping A Motorcycle: Going With Someone You Trust Is Important

    When shipping a motorcycle you don’t just want to go with the first name you see. You want to do your homework. You want to get references from friends and look at different companies’ internet pages and see what their clients are saying about them. You want to go with a company that has a solid reputation.


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