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    How much does it cost to use a Motorcycle Transporter?

    Published 9 October, 2012 by admin

    Shipping a motorcycle can be of some difficulty to someone who does not own a pickup truck, or has a sedan with no option to hook a trailer on the back. Maybe the distance the bike needs to travel requires a couple of days and lodging and gas expenses that cannot be afforded by the customer, or simply they don’t want to go through the hassle of transporting and traveling.  It is in moments like these that motorcycle transporters come in very handy.

    Motorcycle Shipper

    Motorcycle Shipper

    Nowadays you may realize that agendas are busier than before and finding a free spot from car pooling the kids from school to extracurricular activities and back, driving to work, business meetings and so many other activities is almost impossible unless planned in advance for at least 3-4 months.  Sometimes the need to ship something occurs from one day to another and some items cannot be placed in your mailbox for the mailman to pickup and deliver; besides they don’t even fit in it.  Cargo companies such as FedEx, UPS or DHL can probably offer you  more possibilities as far as bigger packages, however when it comes to vehicles, these companies don’t offer the service. You may rent a U-Haul trailer and mount the motorcycle on it, however, again you would need to find the time to haul the trailer from point to point. In this case you would be paying for the trailer, gas and lodging expenses.

    There are many ways you can attempt to ship your motorcycle, however one of the most common, secure and cost effective ways will be using a motorcycle transporter.  Most customers don’t even consider this option as some are not familiar with the service and think it will cost more than other arrangements, and some because they believe their expenses of transporting it themselves will be less expensive. In the following article we will explain how the price to ship a motorcycle is calculated and show you the perks this service offers when handling a tight schedule.

    In order to calculate the price to ship a motorcycle, before you start calling around for quotes and getting pushy salesmen at your service, you must determine what are the dates you are looking to ship in, the more flexible you are the better prices you can find, so it’s important you start planning for your transportation at least 1-2 weeks in advance.  We understand some transportations occur on last minute notice, however if you have time on your hand, please use it wisely. Last minute bookings will have a higher fee as prices need to be attractively higher to the driver in order to consider taking a last minute job. If you are working with a limited budget, timing is the most important factor in order to get a good price.

    Once the dates are determined, you must check on weather conditions as this factor influences greatly on the price, especially if you’re shipping in high peaks of the season. The most expensive times to ship a bike are during summer and high peaks of snowbird season, usually during the end of fall and beginning of spring before the heavy snowfalls. The traffic flow during winter usually goes from north to south and cost to ship south are higher than to ship north as the demand is greater. Coast to coast transportation is a expensive yearlong, however during winter, especially in northern routes, prices can be significantly higher and sometimes if even impossible due to road blocks and bad weather conditions.

    Another factor that affects the price greatly is whether you want to ship your bike via enclosed or open carrier. Both carriers offer the possibility of transporting your bike; however the most common, no matter what time of year is via enclosed. Motorcycles are small vehicles that are open to any hit from the environment, weather it goes through a major hail storm or a small bump from an opening car door that is parked next to it. No matter how small the inconvenient, it will have a greater effect on the bike than on the chassis of a car. Due to this, most bike owners ship via enclosed to avoid these little great mishaps. There is a different price for open carriers, it can be about $50 – $100 less expensive, however some carriers will refuse to take a motorcycle on an open carrier as they don’t want to risk the safety of the bike during transit.

    Lastly a factor that changes price ranges, are special requirements or custom needs to transport. The same way a custom bike costs more than a factory bike, custom needs to transport will cost more than standard shipping requirements.  Some carriers offer special cradles where the bike is mounted on and strapped on safely to transport. This way it avoids movement to the minimum during transport and it avoids getting bumped by other bikes during turns or wholes on the road. If the carrier you use does not offer this service and you request, extra charges may incur, make sure you specify what you need and want for your transportation as standard procedures for one carrier may not be for another and at the time of shipping the least you want is surprises.

    Now that you know what factors affect your transportation, start putting all the details together and start planning your transport, remember the most important factor in order to get the best prices is time flexibility. Special requirements, season and type of carrier also affect your price, however, if planned with time, you will be able to get the most out of this service for the best price.


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    What is a Motorcycle Shipper? by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 28 September, 2012 by admin

    In the hectic agenda we tend to make for ourselves, there is not enough time to take care of every single detail of all the events we plan to carry on. Due to this many companies have appeared offering services that will assist in finishing those tasks for you, such as cleaning services, brokers, plant nannies, dog sitters, and of course transportation. Transportation is the single most important service of them all as everybody is in the constant move all the time trying to pick up the kids, getting to an appointment, buying groceries, and so many other things.  Due to this vehicle transportation has become a much acclaimed popular service to assist you in moving your vehicle from one place to the other, no matter the distance. Although the vehicle that is mainly transported is a car, little by little motorcycles have also gained great popularity among the transportation industry.

    Motorcycle Shipper

    Motorcycle Shipper

    Motorcycles have started to be taken into consideration more now than ever, one of the main reasons is due to the harsh economy that hits us on a daily basis. People are looking to save every penny they can by cutting off expenses wherever they need to. One of the biggest expenses is gas, and even though it is not an expense that can be much likely cut, people will still do their best to save as much as they can. This however has pushed the motorcycle industry and has made it more desirable for many customers, not only for the purpose of a hobby or expensive treat, but for transportation. Nowadays wherever you look you will find at least one or two scooters or motorcycles waiting to make a turn, parked at the bank, or even standing beside you waiting for the light to turn green. It has come to the attention of many that riding a bike saves a lot of money as far as gas and maintenance. Yes, a motorcycle will not provide the comfort and security of a car, however, if considered carefully, might offer a great means of transportation and saving.

    Motorcycles have not gained popularity only due to gas prices and transportation, thanks to the powerful technology we have now; buying a bike has become as easy as making click on a screen. Internet has made it virtually possible to obtain a motorcycle that is sitting in a driveway all the way in Alaska from the comfort of your beach towel in your summer vacations in the Florida Keys. Now as easy as it may be to buy it, you may wonder how in the world you are going to make it get to you. Not to worry, motorcycle shippers are on the way! Like mentioned before, one of the services that have gained power to help you achieve certain tasks that are not possible for you, motorcycle transportation is a service that has risen tremendously in the industry to service thousands of customers yearlong moving bikes from point to point. Now if you are familiar with car transportation, you will now about the benefits of this service, however if you are new to the transportation dilemma, follow along and we’ll let you know all the great perks of this simple, but great service.

    Motorcycle Shippers are companies or operators that transport these vehicles from one point to another, usually via enclosed carriers with the proper equipment to secure them, whether it is 5 miles or even 2000. Using this definition of a motorcycle shipper, we will break it down into parts to further analyze what is a motorcycle shipper.

    Motorcycle shippers: “Transports these vehicles from one point to another”

    Taking the previous example stated above of buying a bike in Alaska and need it to transport it to the Florida Keys; motorcycle shippers offer the service of moving the vehicle from point to point. When requesting this service it is very important that you discuss with the agent that is assisting you, every single detail regarding the transportation to ensure a proper and secure delivery. Keep in mind that shipping rates are not set and will and may vary depending on the type of motorcycle, locations, and special requirements. Main routes are always preferred, however operators will make it to wherever you need them to, unless the location is unreachable by them; such as gated communities, narrow streets and tree covered streets. Still they will meet as close as possible to the locations in order to load and unload the motorcycle. Motorcycle shippers offer door to door service for the most part, in case you don’t have a delivery location set yet, they will deliver at a terminal where you can pick up at your own convenience, extra fees may apply for storage, so make sure you discuss this with your booking agent beforehand.

    Motorcycle Shippers: “usually via enclosed carriers with the proper equipment to secure them”

    As classic cars, vintage cars, sports cars or high-end luxury cars, motorcycles are considered a delicate vehicle when it comes to transportation, especially because motorcycles don’t have a metal chassis covering them and enclosing its fragile parts. Due to this it is recommended 110% that you ship a motorcycle via enclosed carrier to offer the maximum protection during transit time. Motorcycles can be shipped in cradles to make sure they don’t bump into other bikes due to bumps on the road or narrow turns, however cradles are not a must; motorcycles can also be strapped securely to the floors of the carrier. Bikes with custom made modifications such as monkey bars; need to be especially strapped to avoid scratches or any damages.

    Although enclosed carriers are recommended, it is not a rule, and not every customer will require it. Motorcycles can be shipped via open carriers as well; however, customer must understand the risks a bike can go through as it is exposed to the environment. Rain, dust, or debris on the road can easily damage your bike on transit and this is not responsibility of the driver, insurance will cover damages, but why go through the trouble? Some carriers won’t even allow the customer to ship in an open carrier and will refuse to ship it this way.

    Motorcycle Shippers: “Whether it is 5 miles or 2000”

    Motorcycle shipping is offered wherever and whenever you need it. You may tow it locally within a 5 mile range from residence to residence or to a shop or dealer, or you can ship it nationwide, cross country from coast to coast. Carriers will accommodate to your needs and will create routes if necessary to pickup or deliver your bike wherever you need it.

    As you can see, motorcycle shippers accommodate to any requirement you may have, however they will not compromise the safety of your bike and the transporter. Requesting an overnight delivery from coast to coast is simply impossible and unimaginable, so understand when a carrier refuses to satisfy a request. Motorcycle shippers are professional and they know they’re job and how far it can stretch. They won’t come in to your profession and tell you what to do, procure not to do the same or all flaws and damages will fall in your responsibility.


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    The Importance of Hiring a Certified Motorcycle Shipping Company – by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 20 September, 2012 by admin

    Shipping a motorcycle properly is more than just mounting it on the back of a pickup truck. Special measures need to be taken, especially if it is a custom made bike in order to avoid damages and losses that will affect your pocket greatly. Read along the following article to understand why it is very important to use a motorcycle shipping company to transport your 2 wheel chariot.

    Motorcycle Shipping Company

    Motorcycle Shipping Company

    Surely you have seen pickup trucks drive past you carrying one or two bikes on its back. All you need is a small ramp to pull the bike up which you can get at any home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s and regular safety straps to hold it in place and you’re ready to go. This type of transportation is very commonly used almost by anyone that owns a bike to move them locally or short distances. This is the key: short distances. Transporting a motorcycle nationwide is a different scenario as to towing it to the nearest shop or bike track. Nationwide transport involves many other factors, not only that affect the bike, but the driver and the owner as well. Things like, insurance, weather, correct safety measures and schedules are very important factors that have to be carefully planned for before simply mounting the bike on a pickup and driving away. Consequences of an incorrect transport can be very expensive and will create unnecessary setbacks.

    For this, it is very important you chose a certified and experienced motorcycle transport company to do the job for you. Paying the service may be a little out of your budget, but compared to the price you would have to pay in case of a mishap, the service will come in handy. We know there are many risk takers, however for those of you that care for guaranteed service and delivery, here are some reasons why you should consider this option.

    • Insurance. Even though you might have your own insurance, transportation companies also cover for the motorcycle 100% while it is in transportation. Many times you are buying the bike and it’s the first time taking it out of a dealer, maybe insurance is not yet applied and if an accident occurs, it will come out of your pocket. Not necessarily from a dealer, but maybe you are buying from a private owner or simply taking it out of a garage. Some cases are different, maybe the bike doesn’t suffer any fatal damages, what if it get’s scratched by hail due to a storm along the way or hit by something that was blown in by the wind. These are unforeseen mishaps that would be covered for if transportation was done by a certified motorcycle shipping company.
    • Proper Transportation. Bikes are smaller vehicles that need to be handled with care as they are not as stable as a 4 wheel car. Harsh turns or sudden breaks from a carrier can easily loosen the straps the secure the bike and next thing you know you will have crashing from one side to the other, causing not only damage to itself, but to other vehicles mounted on the carrier. In case it is being shipped in an open carrier, it can even fall off the carrier and cause more serious injuries. First of all it is recommended motorcycles are shipped via enclosed carriers to ensure max protection along the way. Besides the enclosed carrier, motorcycle companies also may offer special cradles to where bikes are mounted to and strapped on. This allows each bike to have its own space in case it is custom made and passes regular measurements. For example, if your Harley has custom monkey bars, if placed on a carrier next to another bike, there is a possibility that due to the height of the bars, it may bump with the bike next to it. Having the bike mounted n a cradle give enough room for the handles to freely move from one side to the other without causing any damage to its surroundings, therefore, its self while the carrier is moving.
    • Honest Business. Besides the necessary safety measure to transport a bike. it is very important that the company you deal with offers and honest and straight forward business. There is no point in having a safe transport if the agent you’re dealing with gives you unprofessional service and tries to scam you every five minutes. Even worst if he keeps adding fees to the “final price” agreed on due to a number of excuses or hidden fees. Dealing with a certified motorcycle shipping company avoids these headaches and in return will offer you professional and top notch service. A good service will accommodate to your needs without compromising the principals of the service, an honest agent will suite your needs, still you how it is. At the end, motorcycle shipping is what it is and you will get what you pay for.
    • Transport Outline. As many things in life a motorcycle transport has to be planned out step by step. Nothing can be taken for granted and in many cases it is not something that happens from night to day. Specially if this is the first time you are in need of transporting a motorcycle long distances. Using the services from a company will save you a lot of headaches and plan for things you might not be aware of. Such things as the amount of gas needed to reach between one point to the other, gas prices, any tolls or fees that need to be paid, DOT (Department of Transportation)regulations and check points, weather and road conditions, and schedules for pick up, transit time and delivery.

    Choosing a certified motorcycle shipping company to serve your needs is the best bet when transporting your bike. Don’t run the risk of having a poor delivery and horrible experience just to save some bucks. If you invested money in your motorcycle, invest money to safeguard and keep its well-being, we guarantee you will not regret it. Nationwide motorcycle is not to be taken lightly, if it is, don’t expect more than lightly handling and delivery.


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