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    Canada to USA Snowbird Season – by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 5 September, 2013 by admin

    When most people think about Canada the first thing that comes to mind are cold winters and lots of snow. although this is not entirely false, the country has many more interesting and fun facts.  Mac and cheese for example is one of the most popular and common foods  within the American household, however Canada is the country the consumes the largest amount of mac n’ cheese in the world. The border between Canada and the USA is known as the “International Border” and is the longest border line in the world, at a length of  5,525 miles. Canada is best known for hockey, however  lacrosse is the country’s official sport. Canada is responsible for some of the most used inventions nowadays worldwide, such as Kerosene, the electron microscope, the electronic organ, insulin, the IMAX film system, the snowmobile, and the electric cooking range.  Canada also was the birth place of Winnipeg a black bear cub that was donated to the London Zoo, Winnipeg, known as Winnie quickly became Christopher Robin Milne’s favorite, proving as an inspiration to his father A.A. Milne, the famous author of Winnie the Pooh.

    Canada to USA Snowbird Season

    Canada to USA Snowbird Season

    Although Canada is the second largest country after Russia it has a population density of 8.6 people per square mile, ranking in ninth place for the most sparsely populated country in the world, most of this due to large inhabitable spaces the country has. Harsh weather strikes the country almost all year long and people look to relocate for the worst season: winter. The people are known as snowbirds and are very common to the United States as US snowbirds from northern states also flee the cold to warmer states in the south.

    When transporting motorcycles into the USA there are a few things you must take care of before arranging shipment, such as customs paperwork. Most of the carriers do not handle border crossing and may require for you to hire a customs agents to help you with the paperwork. Before starting check with your booking agent if they transport to USA as some drivers may not have driving permits to cross the border and can only bring the motorcycle close to a USA meeting point. You will be required to arrange the cross and then have a USA based carrier finish the transportation to its final destination.  Secondly, if your carrier does transport into USA inquire if they offer the service of filing customs paperwork for you, usually carriers that transport across the border do take care of paperwork as well for an extra fee, make sure you settle the fees and payments before your bike is transported to avoid any delays and inconveniences with the border patrol.

    Illegal substances, weapons and items are taken very seriously both in Canada and the United States, make sure you thoroughly check your car and confirm it is free from any of these items before it crosses the border. Border patrol inspects every carrier that passes through and if they find anything suspicious it will hold back the whole transportation for further investigation. This will cause delays not only for you but for the other customers waiting for their bike as well. High fines may incur and it is also possible for the driver to leave our vehicle behind to avoid further issues, you will become completely responsible at that moment to finalize the transportation of your bike.

    Canada to USA Snowbird Season by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping.

    Who is shipping your motorcycle? – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 22 August, 2013 by admin

    Re-locations, moving, transfers, transporting, shipping are all common words that are related to stressful times as they involve factors such as time, money, and inconveniences if done incorrectly. When you are looking to move from one place to another whether it is a small box or truckload of your things, you are always skeptical as to whether  your things will make it with no scratches, if the parcel your sending will get lost, if insurance will cover for damages, is insurance even necessary? And many other things that can come up to mind, although we can’t guarantee business practices for every single company out there, we can at least provide the tools for you to review and choose the best there is.

    Who is shipping your motorcycle?

    Who is shipping your motorcycle?

    Some people may not fully understand or be in to using the internet, simply because they’re not familiar with it, don’t know how to use it, or maybe don’t see any use to it more than the cause of no more family time during dinner. Although they may have a point with the last one, the internet is such a valuable tool, especially nowadays where most if not all companies offer their information and allow customers to post reviews on their services. Companies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are one of the most useful tools when you are looking to check out a business. Let’s face it, the service you require may not always be located in a 50 miles radius and you need to look elsewhere, no matter how many people have recommended the service, you still need to check it for yourself, if you live 800 miles away, how do you plan to do that? Road trip? It’s not cost effective! Here is where your computer skills come to work!

    Start by searching the company you are planning to do business with, before reading any of the reviews or calling them up, check with the BBB if the business has been credited to operate. There are still hundreds of companies out there with no BBB credit that are pulling scams on people on a daily basis, don’t be part of that growing percentage! Doesn’t matter how sophisticated and incredible a website can look, don’t be fooled, check for the BBB sign on their website. If you can’t find it go to the BBB website and search to see if they are at http://www.bbb.org. Through this website you can also read reviews for customers that have used the company before and read what their experiences were.  Now don’t get discouraged if out of 50 reviews 10 are bad, all services have their mishaps, especially transportation services. The motorcycle shipping industry can be hit by bad road conditions, weather delays, or simply unprepared customers than cause delays and inconveniences not only to the customer but to the driver as well.

    Once you have checked their BBB certification start searching what else customers have to say on online blogs, not only because they’re part of the BBB means they have the best service. Call the company, speak with their agents, ask questions, ask them for proof of insurance, and see how willingly they are to offer you information; all these things will help you determine how reliable the company really is. Payments are not required unless drivers are confirmed; don’t get caught up in all the sweet things you’re offered with no guarantees only to get your money, once the real dilemma starts most likely you’ll be left on your own.

    Unfortunately scams are very common nowadays and people take advantage of the little to no knowledge of first time shippers. Don’t be part of the hundreds that have suffered, use the tools technology has now offered to guarantee a safe and reliable transport!

    Check out our company with the BBB here!

    Who is shipping your motorcycle? one more article by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Motorcycle Transport to and from Los Angeles, CA – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

    Published 1 August, 2013 by admin

    The City of Los Angeles, also known as La-La Land to many is the second most populous in the country, it’s a city filled with opportunities for every interest, therefore it attracts thousands of people every year.  The city offers many attractions for tourist such as the Walk of Fame and the famous Rodeo Drive, as well as being home to the only wooden lighthouse that is still standing in the state.  In Downtown Broadway you will also find the National Register of Historic Places which receives thousands of visits from people all over the world every year.

    Thanks to great area where Los Angeles is located bordered by the Pacific Ocean and San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains, it enjoys of outstanding weather throughout the whole year. It offers great conditions for locals and tourists to enjoy any activity they encounter with.  Los Angeles is such a diverse city not only in its industry and attractions, but in its people, it currently is home to people from over 130 countries that speak over 80 different languages. This cultural diversity allows Los Angeles to be a Mecca for infinite events and conventions worldwide. Due to this Los Angeles is the only city that has hosted the Summer Olympic twice.

    Los Angeles is also the leader in motion picture entertainment generating over $40 billion annually, because of this, the industry can afford throwing major events to gather the best of the best within the city lines. Such events like the Pan African Film Festival, Brazilian Carnival, the Academy Awards, the Toyota Grand Prix, the famous LA Gay Parade, the US Open of Surf, and many more are held year after year attracting thousands to participate. One of these events, The LAcalendar Motorcycle Show held in July is one of the biggest motorcycle events that showcase bikes brought from all over the country and world.  The motorcycle transportation industry works hard to bring together thousands of Exhibitors and Clubs to put together this one of kind show.

    Motorcycle Transport to and from Los Angeles

    Motorcycle Transport to and from Los Angeles

    Motorcycle Transportation in Los Angeles

    There are many reasons why thousands look to relocate to Los Angeles year after year, whether it’s due to the great weather, opportunities or simply for tourism as mentioned before, many turn to the motorcycle transport business to assist with transporting their vehicles.

    Motorcycle shipping in the city is a very common service and is used constantly in high demand as many move their 2 wheeled vehicles from one place to another, whether to showcase at an event, take to a shop for custom work or simply selling and transporting.  Because demand is high, when you are looking to transport a bike in or out of Los Angeles, it is always best to plan ahead as sometimes driver availability is very low and may take more time than expected.

    Start shopping around as soon as you have a tentative date so you can start planning your complete service as far as prices, preparation,  pickup and delivery addresses and clearance to ship the bike (if it is coming from a dealer or auction).



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